My interest in creating jewelry came about in 2010, when I left my job as an assistant designer at a Greek fashion firm to take care of my newborn son full time. Though family had become my number one priority, I still had a passion for design, and having been a long-time admirer of bold accessories, I spent most of my free time teaching myself via books and the internet how to re-create my favourite styles. My first few creations were made just for fun and became a part of my own collection or were given as gifts to my best girlfriends who loved their new earrings so much that the word spread like wildfire, and soon I was getting special requests from ladies all over town.

Since my love and specialty is making large, extravagant earrings, I strive to create not only beautiful but also comfortable and high-quality pieces. Over the years I noticed that even though many women that I knew were interested in wearing big, dangly earrings, they were put off by the weight and bulkiness of many of the designs available on the market, and let’s be real, no woman wants to spend a fun evening out weighed down by the very accessory that should make her feel light and graceful. I made it my goal to create a jewelry line that was as easy to wear as it was elegant, so I mastered a needle and thread technique that allowed me to produce quality, durable earrings without using metal anywhere except the ear hook, making them lighter than any other chandelier earrings.

Every bracelet, necklace, or earring that I make has a little piece of my energy and personality. I live and create in Greece, so I make sure to source all of my semi-precious gems only from a few trusted local shops here in Athens. I also infuse every piece with positive energy and happiness, so your new piece can be the wearer’s good luck charm, boost confidence, and bring as much joy to her as making it did to me. I am happy to welcome you to my shop, and hope that you will find your next favourite, can’t-live-without accessory!