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Pearls & Cleopatra

Posted By: blogger friend In: quantum-boutique blog On: February 17, 2016

Myths about Pearls

Pearls can be dissolved in vinegar

According to legend, Cleopatra dissolved an extraordinarily valuable pearl in vinegar and drank it to prove to Marc Antony she could throw the most elaborate and expensive banquet of all time.

According to modern science, the calcium carbonate in pearls does dissolve in vinegar, but how fast depends on how big the pearl is. If it's crushed it will dissolve more quickly.

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Posted By: blogger friend In: quantum-boutique blog On: February 10, 2016

From the moment she realized it was missing,she started searching. It could be true.Her necklace was missing. She remembered putting it in a case made from Rear Wood,from the times of the Kingdoms' War. The necklace was also rear.Pearls tangled with little beads, fallen from the dress of the ancient Queen. Two cones of gold carved with dragon's nails and a bow of beads made from gold  and silver,also carved with dragon's nails.This was the most precious masterpiece at Oonagh's  kingdom.And now it is lost. An intense smell of fire witnesses the thief.Dragons.“Aednat!”,she wishpers, “you have just started a war.”

Far away from the Green Forest, over the Red Hills, Aednat has just received Oonagh's necklace from Jarlath. She keeps it in a case from the Edge of the World's trees, along with the golden earrings.“My collection is increasing. Soon I will have all the needed objects”, she says and she glanzes the sky. It is red, the same colour with her hair.But the stars weren't sparkling.The look pale.“It has began. By the time I collect all the  jewels, the  stars will have change colour”.

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Posted By: blogger friend In: quantum-boutique blog On: February 10, 2016

The sun is about to fall asleep. The moon slowly rises in the sky,wearing its pale vale. Princess Aednat stares at the hills for a long time. She started getting nervous when she sees what she is excepting. A dragon approaches her and as he flies Aednat cannot recognize his wings for the red blooded skies. He sits near her and gives her something he held in his mouth. “Here they are, my princess. The golden cone earrings, carved with dragon's nails. I stole them from the queen of the Blue Forest, Aibreean, as you ordered me to do.” “You have been a loyal servant , Jarlath. You may now rest.” Jarlath left and now the princess is alone. She looks the earrings with pleasure.“They are now mine”, she wishpers and wears them with pride. Somewhere over the hills, a scream is travelling in the air from the kingdom of the Blue Forest.

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